We are very familiar with charity and donations that we give mostly to poor people or people in need of help in extreme situations or conditions. 

Not long ago, when resources were limited and both travel and communication was not as easy as it is today, people used to survive with the concept of simple resource sharing, especially those living in combined families, communities, villages, towns. It is still prevalent among villages and poor communities in developing world but slowly, this practice and culture is going down.

Unfortunately we also see today that there is a lot of wastage of resources in the world. The concept of sharing is more popular for donations such as giving cash, clothes, food for poor persons..... but many people don't realize that how much it could help them or others if people start simple practice resource sharing be in any shape or situation regardless of their financial position. 

It is also a fact that many people throughout the world including those living in developed countries have hard time in making ends meet.

It is quite possible that something which is completely useless for one person could be extremely useful for someone else, who cannot afford to buy it or it is not available any more. Many times, things that we do not use, stays in cupboards and storerooms and are thrown to garbage. You may find many of such things when people change the house.  

The question remains, how come, resource sharing can be simplified which could benefit individuals.

The concept of is very simple. It aims to provide a platform for resource sharing between helpers and those who need help without any financial transaction. It can be a donation, it could also be knowledge sharing or sharing of assets, etc. 

Sharing is caring, and it helps in spreading love and unity, and if you do something for others, you normally get it back in one or another way. I hope in this world of global village, where person to person contact happen in matters of seconds, people are inspired to help each other. And if WisdomSpoon could connect some individuals, I would say that the purpose of building this platform has been achieved.

Thank you.